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Chemistry (AQA A-Level)

Welcome to the Key Stage 5 Chemistry page!

Reading this page is the beginning of a journey into medicine, veterinary science, the pharmaceutical industry or even crime scene investigation!

Chemistry is the study of matter and chemical change. As the central science there are many links to Biology and Physics. Chemists are the key to finding solutions to the problems of today and the future!

Chemistry is a fascinating and engaging subject where each year you will study 8 units that cover aspects of organic chemistry (where you will learn about studying pharmacology and the use of fuels), physical chemistry (to learn about how we can use rates of reactions and equilibria to our advantage on an industrial scale) and inorganic chemistry (where you will learn about ionic reactions and the trends in the periodic table).

A day as a chemist is never the same. One day you may be surrounded by practical equipment analysing the content of some medicines or even creating your own Aspirin. Other days you might be carrying out calculations, writing equations or drawing the structure of the molecules that make up your DNA. Regardless – Chemistry at Kingsmead will always be interesting and challenging, with real world links to real world challenges or new developments in science so that you can see the good that Chemists can do!

To find out more information, please contact Miss Sumner (g.sumner@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)

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