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Computer Science (AQA A-Level)

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Or, in English... Welcome to Computer Science!

Computer Science is the study of how computers work and when I type in “Welcome to Computer Science!” that series of 1s and 0s is what the computer sees – isn’t that amazing?

Computer Science is a theoretical subject that prepares you for jobs that aren’t even invented yet! It allows you to understand the internal components of a computer and how to program them to perform the tasks that we want. Principal areas of study within Computer Science include artificial intelligence, computer systems and networks, security and database systems.

During the course you will sit a theoretical examination, a programming examination on a computer where you have to fix/write code and a non-examined assessment where you will plan, develop, create and test your own computer program.

Each lesson in Computer Science is different. You may spend one lesson simplifying Boolean equations to speed up processing time within a computer system or spend the lesson coding a solution to a complex mathematical algorithm.

What is assured is the range of opportunities that will be available to you after Sixth Form. Computer Science has an incredibly high value with employers and top-end universities and opens a world of opportunities...

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