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Creative Digital Media Production (BTEC)

Welcome to the Creative Digital Media Production section of the Sixth Form website!

Not only are we are one of the most successful subjects at Key Stage 5 with an average grade of a Distinction but Media allows students to gain a broad understanding of the subject, exploring a variety of media texts and contexts, and learn the skills to produce media artifacts that are applicable within the subject area but also to many different specialisms.

As part of the course, you will develop an ability to analyse and deconstruct media images and representations, learn the communication and planning skills needed to work in teams through vocational media projects and explore the publishing sector where you can create engaging digital media content.

It is a great subject for a balance of theory and practical work that covers a range of media platforms offering a real insight into the industry. As a BTEC qualification, you will study two units that are assessed in an examination and two units of coursework. These examinations are spread throughout the course and you will the opportunity to resit them to attempt to get a better grade if you would like.

This is a fantastic course. Students completing the course will have direct links to university and apprenticeship courses such as Marketing, Communication and Media, and when taken alongside other courses, can help entry onto Communications and Promotions courses, Communication Engineering and Journalism. The skills developed over the two years develop knowledge of digital processes and software through practical projects which gives an advantage if applying for entry level roles in marketing, such as a marketing assistant, media sales as well as working as publishing assistants, updating websites and hosting content. General skills learnt and developed on this course also include cognitive and problem solving, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills making it extremely diverse and applicable to most sectors.

To find out more information, please contact Mrs Harper (h.harper@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)