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French (A-Level)

Welcome to A-Level French!

A-Level French is the study of French language, culture and environment. The course inspires students who have an appreciation of the language, literature, film and culture of the French-speaking world.

You will study popular literary texts and films, which offer a rich choice of contemporary and more classical titles, together with authentic source materials from France and the wider French-speaking world. The course covers many contemporary issues, which are relevant to young people today including various social issues and trends, political and artistic culture in additional to grammar.

Assessments place an emphasis on spontaneity and grammar, as well as providing plenty of opportunities for students to apply their knowledge independently and creatively. The course provides a straightforward structure of four engaging themes:

* Les changements dans la société française

* La culture politique et artistique dans les pays francophones

* L’immigration et la société multiculturelle française

* L’Occupation et la Résistance

The four themes are studied alongside two works (either two literary texts or one literary text and one film) assessed through two externally examined papers (Papers 1 and 2) and one teacher-examiner conducted speaking assessment (Paper 3).

Paper 1: Consists of Listening, reading and translation (40% of final exam)

Paper 2: Consists of a written examination: This paper draws on the study of two discrete French works: either two literary texts, or one literary text and one film. (30% of the qualification)

Paper 3: Consists of an internally conducted and externally assessed speaking exam. Students will be assessed on their ability to use a range of language accurately, communicate and interact effectively, summarise and analyse findings from written sources relating to their research subject, and show knowledge and understanding about the culture and society where the language is spoken. (30% of the qualification)

A typical lesson in French at Kingsmead would involve utilising all four key skills within a series of lessons, developing and embedding sophisticated reading skills looking at a range of texts in the target language in their wider intellectual, social, political and historical contexts. This would then be followed by the application of this by discussing topics in French as well as looking into the linguistics of the language.

A qualification in A-Level French will help to prepare students for higher education and enhance their employability profile. The subject is incredibly highly valued by employers and university admission tutors. Not only is it essential for the more obvious career choices; translating, interpreting, teaching, travel and tourism, but a foreign language can also complement studies in law, journalism, technology and allows further opportunities that opens many doors in the modern world of work.

"According to CBI research, conversational skills are the key to employability. Whether to open doors or clinch a deal, 75% of firms want employees to have conversational ability in a second language."

"As an employer and recruiter, although language skills are not a direct requirement for all our staff it does set candidates apart from the competition and boost their overall chances."

Doing a language does not limit you to a job in languages; it widens the choice and allows you to enter whatever market you wish to. Study French at Kingsmead and boost your chances.

To find out more information, please contact Ms Askey (l.askey@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)