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Further Mathematics

If you really want to send your university applications to the top of the admission pile, in addition to Mathematics, we offer Further Mathematics at A Level. It takes your Mathematical studies a step beyond the pure and applied content seen in A Level Mathematics and touches on a lot of content seen in undergraduate university courses.

From imaginary numbers to matrices, and from polar graphs to hyperbolic trigonometric functions, we begin to leave numbers behind in the core pure modules to explore concepts and discover more about the structures underpinning both science and nature. There are additional modules where we study applied areas in more depth, looking into topics such as the work-energy principle, operational research, and Chi-squared tests.

In terms of lesson content, we will look at many different ways of learning from traditional skills practice to using 3D glasses to explore vectors in 3D space and working collaboratively to solve difficult problems.

The skills developed through the study of Mathematics are in high demand from employers and universities. Some universities will lower their offer if you take additional Mathematics entry exams which are based on A Level content, and some will even lower their offer because you take Further Mathematics.

Studying Further Mathematics shows you have a huge amount of potential for studying complex ideas and have the capacity to flourish in a challenging environment. Career paths include roles in business-professional enterprises, finance and investment analyst and adviser, and chartered or certified accountant. Other roles include programmer and software developer. There really is no limit to what you can do with a qualification like this on your CV.

For more detailed information, our specification is available through the Pearson Edexcel website.

To find out more information, please contact Ms Pedley-Whittingham (l.pedley-whittingham@kingsmeadschool.net), Mrs Peacock (k.peacock@kingsmeadschool.net) or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net