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Law (BTEC)

Order in the court room!

Applied Law is an incredibly popular and successful course at Kingsmead Sixth Form.

It is the study of the criminal and civil court systems in the UK. It looks at the role of the courts those who work in the legal system and important historical cases through time.

The qualification is equivalent in size to one A level and aims to provide a good introduction to study of the legal sector, giving students an opportunity to learn about the key aspects of law.

There are four units. Three of them are mandatory and one will change to meet the students’ skillsets and which units they will perform best in:

* Unit 1: Dispute Solving in Civil Law

* Unit 2: Investigating Aspects of Criminal Law and the Legal System

* Unit 3: Applying the Law

* The final unit is one from “Aspects of Family Law, “Consumer Law”, “Contract Law” or “Aspects of Tort”.

Law lessons are a combination of independent research, practical demonstrations and written experiences.

We are excited as we move forward to introduce more learning experiences through the “Murder House“ which uses the caretaker’s old on-site house. Here a crime scene has been set up using fake blood and a range of potential clues from smudged fingerprints to a single strand of hair. Students will use this to analyse suspects’ alibis and stories. The crime scene even features a ‘dead’ mannequin! Students will have to use problem solving techniques, debating, questioning and reasoning skills and be able to present their outcomes. Students will play the role of a solicitor in offering advice to the defendant accused of this hideous crime!

As with all courses at Kingsmead, this qualification carries UCAS points which will allow progression onto a university qualification, which could be in Law. Being successful in this qualification will open a range of opportunities to you both in and out of the legal sector. It is also welcomed by the majority of universities for entry to degree courses, such as a foundation degree in Business and Law or a Law honours degree.

To find out more information, please contact Mrs Lowe (a.lowe@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)