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Mathematics (Edexcel A-Level)

Welcome to Sixth Form Mathematics at Kingsmead!

Mathematics is so much more than the numbers and symbols you will have used so far, it is the theoretical study of everything around us - from numbers and structure, to space and change. A Level Mathematics is a broad and in depth course where you will study a number of elements of the most important areas of pure mathematics such as differentiation, integration, trigonometry and vectors, as well as learning about important mechanics and statistics based applications of mathematics.

In Year 12, we lay the groundwork in a range of pure topics. In addition to those mentioned above, you will cover algebraic expressions, quadratics, proof, graphs and transformations, exponentials and logarithms, and lines and circles. You also are introduced formally to A Level Mechanics – through the learning of kinematics, the constant acceleration formulae, and Newton’s Laws – and A Level Statistics where you will further develop your GCSE knowledge of data representation/collection and probability, before learning about hypothesis testing and advanced measures of location and spread.

In year 13, we build on top of this groundwork and study more abstract and challenging aspects of calculus and algebra in pure mathematics. In mechanics we develop knowledge of forces such as friction, as well as how to find moments. Finally, in statistics, we mature our knowledge of topics such as hypothesis testing and become expert analysts when it comes to data.

Due to the wide range of topics you cover, in lessons you can be doing anything from working through textbook exercises to solidify skills, to using graphing software online to experiment with theories, or completing puzzles with other members of the class to experience different approaches to solutions.

For more detailed information, our specification is available through the Pearson Edexcel website.

It goes without saying how an A-Level in Mathematics is incredibly valued by both employers and universities! The skills developed through the study of Mathematics are in high demand from employers and universities. Some universities will lower their offer if you take additional Mathematics entry exams which are based on A-Level content.

In addition to developing the ability to solve problems and think logically, the study of Mathematics provides opportunities to develop team-working skills, resilience, effective communication of complex ideas and the ability to use your own initiative. Maths underpins most of Science, Technology and Engineering and is also important in areas as diverse as Business, Law, Nutrition, Sports Science and Psychology – it’s also been found that those that study mathematics earn an additional 11% over their lifetime, which is worth bearing in mind…

To find out more information, please contact Ms Pedley-Whittingham (l.pedley-whittingham@kingsmeadschool.net), Mrs Peacock (k.peacock@kingsmeadschool.net) or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net