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Performing Arts (BTEC)

Welcome to the Performing Arts Sixth Form page!

Performing Arts at Kingsmead is one of the most successful and popular courses on offer. Our students genuinely love the subject and that comes across in the high-quality performance and written work that they produce!

Performing Arts will enable you to further develop your love of Performing. Throughout the course you will be learning the key skills to perform to live audiences, focus on a variety of performance styles from naturalism, epic theatre and physical theatre, paying particular attention to key practitioners and theatre company's concepts and how they have influenced theatre today.

The course will required you to play a variety of roles; all assignments will be given in a vocational context where you will take part as a theatre company. This will also give you the opportunity to research into career paths within the Performing Arts sector (you will be amazed how many job opportunities are waiting for you). It is a chance for you to be creative developing your own original performances, you will be encouraged to push boundaries and explore all that theatre and performance has to offer.

An important part of the course is to watch live theatre to learn from and there will be the opportunity to go to see relevant performances.

A typical Performing Arts lesson is engaging, fun, energetic and creative. Lessons consist of workshops into styles of performance with a key opportunity for you to explore new styles of theatre. You will work with key texts and through devising your own original work. To support the workshops lessons will focus of logbook writing to enable you to not only be able to perform theatre but to write about it too. Analysing key aspects of repertoire, comparing styles of theatre and forming your own opinions of theatre and their relevance to you as an audience member.

In Year 12 you will study two units:

* Unit 1 Investigating Practitioners Work - externally Assessed unit

* Unit 2: Developing skills and techniques for live performance - internally assessed unit where you will produce a scripted performance.

And a further two units in Year 13:

* Unit 3: Group performance workshop where you will work from a stimuli to devise your own piece of drama within a group - externally assessed unit.

* Unit 19: Acting styles where you will produce a scripted performance of a play in a style of your choice - internally assessed unit.

Students who have studied BTEC Performing Arts have gone onto to top Drama schools to study Drama, Performing Arts, English, Law, Media and History. Pursuing this course and having success within it will open many opportunities to go into acting, teaching, Drama therapy, stage management, lighting design, costume design, law, journalism and business. The skills that you learn from Performing Arts are incredibly important and transferable to a wide variety of careers.

The world thrives on creativity, the ability to be able to be excellent communicators, leaders and have confidence in what we do.

Performing Arts will give you these skills.

To find out more information, please contact Miss Keyte (h.keyte@kingsmeadschool.net or m.russell@kingsmeadschool.net)