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Religious Studies (OCR A-Level)

Welcome to the study of Philosophy, Ethics and Christian thought... or more commonly known as Religious Studies

Do not let the word ‘Religious’ put you off as this is not like any course you will have studied before as the focus is to look at the ‘big questions’ that we all have about life and you do not have to be religious to see the importance or fascination of these questions. Questions such as, is it alright to experiment on animals? Should we allow euthanasia? How do we know what is right? Is the idea of perfection the same for everyone? Why does evil exist?

If you like debating and enjoy writing essays, then Religious Studies is a subject that you will enjoy. At A-Level we look at Ancient Greek Philosophy and the way it has shaped modern thought and science. During the course you will debate the existence of God in the light of evil suffering, beliefs on the existence or non-existence of the soul, what miracles are, what religious experience is and the debate surrounding this, what happens when we die and how to speak meaningfully about life. Furthermore, you look at Ethics and what ethical systems you can follow to be a moral being, for example will you follow Kant and tell the truth in all circumstances? Lastly, you get chance to look at ethical issues surrounding animal rights and human rights.

Lessons usually start with discussion around a specific topic to see what you know, do not know or have misconceptions on. We will then look at a philosophical or ethical theory and debate our thoughts around this. There is often chance for creativity in this lesson from debates, listening to piece of music or looking at a piece of artwork and analysing these. You will have chance in lessons to practice or plan an exam style question to build up your confidence with answering exam questions. We will often finish with looking at strengths and weaknesses of arguments and discussing them to build upon your analysis skills.

Religious Studies has become a popular A-Level across the country as it not only develops your skills in analysis, extended writing, debate and communication but is also valuable in teaching, health care, journalism, public services, medicine and anywhere else you interact with people and their ideas.

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