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Intensive Maths Retakes

At Kingsmead School we try and ensure that all students achieve the best possible grade in Maths.

Those students who did not achieve a Maths GCSE at Grade 4 or above in Year 11 are given the opportunity to re-sit the exam in Sixth Form. The first such opportunity is in November of Year 12, the second in the summer of Year 12 and further opportunities are given in November and in the summer of Year 13. Students are expected to attend intensive Maths revision lessons which take place during the 45-minute tutor time session on Mondays each week. This is then followed up by a full-week of intensive Maths lessons with the same teacher the week before the first exam.

Since the introduction of this format, many students have successfully achieved a Grade 4 and progressed on to university, or their chosen career path as a direct result.